You ask every year and we listened! Take us with you everywhere in a rather natty Dead by Dawn t-shirt or hoodie! Plenty of time to get yours before the festival (mail order only), why not bring a fabric pen and get that nice Mr Landis to sign yours? Guaranteed to protect you against werewolf attack. Probably.

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Guest of Honour

Dead by Dawn celebrates its 25th Anniversary in style with our Guest of Honour, John Landis! John will be with us for the whole festival, screening some of his own films and some of his favourite classics.

So beware the moon, keep clear of the moors and get your paws on a Pass to join us for this extra special festival!

2018 Schedule

Thursday 19

  • NOSFERATU with live score by Forrester Pyke 1900 – 2040
  • John Landis hosts INNOCENT BLOOD + q&a 2115 – 2345
  • SIEMBAMBA aka THE LULLABY 0030 – 0200

Friday 20

  • RABBIT 1200 – 1345
  • John Landis hosts FRANKENSTEIN 1445 – 1610
  • John Landis hosts BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN 1630 – 1800
  • What You Make It short film programme 1945 – 2100
  • KNUCKLEBALL + q&a with Michael Peterson 2130 – 2315
  • Taste-Along with EVIL DEAD II in collaboration with The Conjurer’s Kitchen 0000 – 0145

Saturday 21

  • It’s Your Funeral short film programme 1200 – 1305
  • TRENCH 11 1345 – 1530
  • Not In Kansas Anymore short film programme 1600 – 1725
  • John Landis hosts AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON + q&a 1915 – 2130
  • SPOOKERS 2215 – 2345
  • Double Bill: You Can't Keep A Good Corpse Down!

Sunday 22

  • DAVE MADE A MAZE 1300 – 1435
  • 2D & Deranged short animation programme 1530 – 1630
  • MON MON MON MONSTERS 1815 – 2010
  • AJ ZOMBIES! 2045 – 2220
  • Closing Ceremony 2245 – 2315
  • DOWNRANGE 2345 – 0130

Dead by Dawn

At Dead by Dawn, it’s all about the story.

We thrive on films that unsettle us and which address our anxieties and our mortality in vibrant, curious, wry or startling ways.

We're devoted to films that allow us to scare ourselves, to see our own fears materialise in the long shadows and that dark space under the bed.

To me, when the lights go down, the cinema is a sacred place and whether we laugh or squeal, jump or hunker down in our seats, we give ourselves to the terrors unfolding on screen, seen or unseen, known and dreaded or wholly unexpected.

Dead by Dawn is a unique discovery festival, and proud to be the UK’s longest running genre film festival. We’d love you to join us...we have such sights to show you!

Adèle Hartley, Festival Director

The fest

Dead by Dawn is the UK's longest running genre film festival, established in 1993. It is a unique festival, celebrating the finest independent film-making with a focus on emerging talent. Our approach to horror is broad; story is paramount, as are humour, suspense and atmosphere. We welcome lifelong fans and the genre-curious to discover the breadth of unusual stories lurking under the 'horror' banner! Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin...we have such sights to show you!