2015 screenings announced

We’re very pleased to announce some for the screenings for the 2015 fest.

  • AMIGO UNDEAD – European Premiere
  • AVA’S POSSESSIONS – European Premiere with director Jordan Galland in attendance
  • BLOOD PUNCH – European Premiere
  • MUSARANAS aka SHREW’S NEST – Scottish Premiere
  • CUB – Scottish Premiere
  • DE POEL aka THE POOL – Scottish Premiere with director Chris W Mitchell and producer Jan Doense in attendance

Our classics line-up showcases three of the most frightening thrillers ever made: Michael Mann’s MANHUNTER, John McNaughton’s HENRY and George Sluizer’s THE VANISHING. To celebrate the new film starring Macarena Gomez (MUSARANAS), we added Stuart Gordon’s DAGON to the classics line up and because Stuart Gordon is wonderful, we complete the classics line-up with RE-ANIMATOR.

Our short film programmes will screen dozens of beautiful, bite-sized nightmares, some to make you laugh, some to put you right off your lunch and some to make you want to sleep with the lights on for the rest of your life!

Our legendary Shit Film Amnesty also returns, offering the opportunity to possibly offload the very worst dreck from your DVD shelves or – if it goes horribly wrong – having to buy new shelving if you “win”.

All screenings take place in Cinema One at Filmhouse. All-inclusive Passes priced £75 are available from Filmhouse box office. In person, on 0131 228 2688 or filmhousecinema.com.

Tickets are also available for our second event, Spawn of Dawn, which is a movie marathon from midnight on Saturday 25th that shows five features and up to ten shorts selected from the main festival programme. Screenings take place in Cinema Two at Filmhouse.  Tickets priced £25 will be available from April 1st from Filmhouse box office in person or on 0131 228 2688 or www.filmhousecinema.com

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