Here’s our Submissions info, please just email us if there’s anything we haven’t covered.  We don’t answer emails asking questions that are already answered here.

We don’t charge a fee for submission.

The deadline for submissions is February 17th, 2017.

How to submit a film

  • All you have to send us is a link to Vimeo (or similar) and a password
  • The email address to use is
  • You’ll get an email acknowledging receipt of the submission
  • If the password is wrong, the submission will be rejected

Vital things to know about submitting a film to us

  • it’s a short film if the runtime is 59 minutes or less
  • it’s a feature if the runtime is 60 minutes or longer
  • Screeners not in English must have English subtitles
  • please don’t submit a rough cut or a work in progress
  • films may not be resubmitted even in an edited or retitled form
  • we only accept links to complete films, not trailers
  • please do not send us posters
  • please be aware that we don’t screen music videos or web series
  • please don’t add us to mailing or other distribution lists
  • Just because we’re in contact about your film doesn’t make it ok to send us updates about your film being mentioned on review sites, other festival acceptances, awards won or any other bit of random information. Obviously we’re thrilled for you, but we’d be even more thrilled if you didn’t take liberties.

If we’ve been in touch requesting a screener of your film for consideration, this is not an invitation for your film to play at the festival.

Even with a Call for Entries running, there is still a chance that some film-makers won’t find us. This is why we come to you. It does not, however, guarantee selection or differ in any way from you submitting in the normal way.

If you’re at all confused about this, please feel free to get in touch before submitting.

If you prefer to send a DVD, please write the title of your film on the disc, make sure the disc is in a case to protect it and please include a clear printed note of your contact information.  PAL or NTSC is fine, as is any Region.

The address for DVDs:
Dead by Dawn
88 Lothian Rd

What we do with submissions

  • We send you an email notifying you of receipt of your film
  • that email will give you all the information you need
  • if your film is selected, we’ll be in touch by the given deadline
  • we don’t respond to emails asking for submission updates
  • we don’t send notice of non-selection
  • we don’t provide feedback on why a film hasn’t been selected

Selected films

Once you know that your film is selected, we’ll send you an official invitation to play stating which section your film will play in, and what prize it will be eligible for.

We’ll ask you not to announce its acceptance until we announce the festival line-up. When we’re ready to do that, we’ll send you our laurels to use in your own promotion.

  • it’s great if we can receive the projection version digitally, through WeTransfer, MyAirbridge, Mega or similar
  • If that isn’t possible, we can screen from most physical formats
  • 300dpi images and EPKs should be sent by email only
  • For the catalogue, we don’t use poster images, screen grabs or production shots and never images which give the end of the film away!
  • We love to get posters and any other promotional materials
  • We can’t print posters for you, but we can hook you up with a local printer so you can make arrangements directly
  • No materials will be returned
  • Your film may win an award – Audience Awards are given to the Best Feature, Best Short and Best Animation.  At the moment, our awards comprise a very beautiful trophy and a world of kudos, but no hard cash, sorry
  • If you provide a physical exhibition copy, it’s your responsibility to provide us with full contact information for their print traffic coordinator as early as possible so we can ensure your film arrives at theirs in good time – if we don’t receive this information before our festival, we’ll ship the film to the address we have on file for you
  • Our festival will cover all reasonable inbound costs for projection formats. If your film is going on to another event after us, we expect that event to cover the inbound costs of your movie. If the movie is returning to you, we’ll cover those costs
  • We cannot store your film on site after the festival until you have return or onward information.

Hope that all helps, but if you have any questions, please email before submitting.