Here’s our Submissions info, please just email us if there’s anything we haven’t covered. We don’t answer emails asking questions that are already answered here.

Submissions are open.

The deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2018.

We don’t charge a fee for submission.

How to submit a film for consideration

  • All you have to send us is a link to Vimeo (or similar) and a password
  • The email address to use is
  • You’ll get an email acknowledging receipt of the submission
  • If the password is wrong, the submission will be rejected

Vital things to know about submitting  film to us

  • It’s a short film if the runtime is 59 minutes or less
  • It’s a feature if the runtime is 60 minutes or longer
  • Screeners not in English must have English subtitles
  • We don’t accept works in progress or trailers for consideration
  • You may only submit your film once
  • Films may not be resubmitted even in an edited or retitled form
  • Please do not send us posters or press kits
  • Please be aware that we don’t screen music videos or web series
  • Please don’t add us to mailing or other distribution lists
  • Please don’t send us updates about your film

We source films in a variety of different ways. Whether you send your film to us or we contact you requesting a screener, all submissions are considered equally.

A request to see a screener is not an invitation to screen at the festival.

If you prefer to send a DVD, please write the title of your film on the disc, make sure the disc is in a protective case and please include a clear printed note of your contact information. PAL or NTSC is fine, as is any Region. If the disc is corrupted in any way, the film will be rejected.

The address for DVDs


What we do with your submission

  • We send you an email notifying you of receipt of your film
  • The film is seen by our programmers
  • If the film is shortlisted or selected outright, we’ll be in touch
  • We don’t send notice of non-selection
  • We don’t respond to emails asking for submission updates
  • We don’t provide feedback on why a film hasn’t been selected

If you’d like clarification on any of this before you submit your film, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions not answered here.

Your submission is safe with us. In 24 years, we have never had a moment of film lost, stolen or disseminated without permission.

Even if we don’t select your film, we will be in touch with you if we think it’s right for another festival.