2020 Guest of Honour

Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Mick Garris

How on earth do you follow the JL legends of Landis and Lieberman?

Simple – you invite the man who puts the MG into OMG, it’s the one and only Mick Garris!

This year, join us as the Master of Horror invites you to screenings of some of his all-time favourite movies.

Mick worked with Steven Spielberg on AMAZING STORIES (1985), directed FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES (1988) and TALES FROM THE CRYPT (1989), and co-wrote the screenplays for *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED (1987), THE FLY II (1989) and HOCUS POCUS (1993).


In 1992, Mick began his association with Stephen King when he was selected to direct the author’s original screenplay for SLEEPWALKERS. King also chose Garris to helm the epic mini-series based his novel, THE STAND (1994), which went on to become one of history’s most highly-rated television shows.

Garris and King followed up with a three-part TV adaptation of THE SHINING in 1997. Garris went on to direct QUICKSILVER HIGHWAY (1997), based on two stories by King and Clive Barker, VIRTUAL OBSESSION (1998), THE JUDGE (2001) and LOST IN OZ (2002). He and Stephen King reunited for RIDING THE BULLET (2004) and DESPERATION (2006).

In 2005, Garris created the Showtime anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR (2005-06), which featured contributions by him and other leading filmmakers specializing in the horror genre, including John Carpenter, Joe Dante and John Landis. A spinoff anthology series followed: FEAR ITSELF (2008-09).

In 2011, Garris published his first novel: Development Hell. This was preceded by the short story collection, A Life in Cinema (2002), and followed by the novellas Snow Shadows (2013) and Tyler’s Third Act (2013). His new novel, Salome, and another novella, Ugly, will be released in 2014.

Garris returned to his roots as the Creator and Host of POST MORTEM (2010-11), a genre-themed talk show airing on FearNetHD. Recently, he produced and directed another mini-series adaptation of a Stephen King novel, BAG OF BONES (2011), and served as Executive Producer of the feature film UNBROKEN (2014), directed by Angelina Jolie.

Individual tickets for all screenings will go on sale in early March.

As you know, though, all our other Guest of Honour events are for Passholders only so if you're one of the lucky ones, there'll be plenty of opportunities to have a chat with Mick as well as meet him at a signing session where you can bring along something precious to get signed, get an autograph and take a picture to treasure!

If you haven't got your Pass yet, you can grab one either in person at Filmhouse on Lothian Road, by phone on 0131 228 2688 or online at filmhousecinema.com