Coronavirus Update V: Nov 2021

November 2021

Hello lovely people,

Lots of things have changed this year but sadly the pandemic isn’t one of them.

Although we had rather optimistically put dates in the diary for April 2022, we took the decision this week to cancel. I am sorry.

When we do finally get back together, it matters that everyone who wants to be here can be here.

A large proportion of our regular audience fly in from outside the UK, though, and there are people who can’t travel or don’t feel comfortable travelling and plenty of people who aren’t comfortable sharing the room with travellers straight off a plane.

There are loads of other issues to consider when planning to gather indoors for four days. We’ve tried hard to figure out how to make this happen in a way that’s safe and comfortable for everyone and come to the grotty conclusion that we can’t.

I’d dearly love for us all to be in the cinema together, watching amazing films, drinking lovely beer and hanging out without a care in the world but April is still too soon.

I hope you and yours are safe, healthy, warm, fed and watered.

Festival Director, Dead by Dawn