Tickets & Passes

All-inclusive Passes priced £80 are going on sale from a few months before the festival, through all the usual Filmhouse channels.

Early Bird buyers have the option of reserving their favourite seat for the entire festival.

Individual tickets for all screenings will go on sale as the festival dates approach, available through the Filmhouse website.  All individual tickets are sold at regular Filmhouse prices.

In person

Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BZ

Every day from 10am-9pm


0131 228 2688

Every day from 10am-9pm


Any time

Whether you buy a Pass online, in person or over the phone, it’ll be waiting for you to collect at the festival.

Early Bird Seat Reservations

When you buy your Pass, you’ll get a transaction number. Here’s what you need to do next...

  • Check out our stubbornly non-interactive Seating Plan below
  • Choose where you’d like to sit
  • Drop us an email to
    • The email should tell us your preferred seat(s)
    • The email should also tell us the names of all the people occupying those seat(s)
    • The email should also include your transaction number
  • We must receive this email before midnight on Friday 13th December

After midnight on Friday 13th, we’ll go through all the seat reservation requests and allocate them in the order we got them, so quite definitely first come, first served.

You’ll get an email from us - after Friday 13th - confirming your reservation. Then, when you arrive at the festival, your perfect seat will have your name on it. Yay!

Just to be super clear, you'll only qualify as an Early Bird if you buy your Pass on Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th or Friday 29th November!

Please remember that Filmhouse will sell you your Pass, but it's us here at Dead by Dawn who will handle the seat reservations, not Filmhouse!

Please bear in mind that not everyone decides to reserve a seat and it usually works out that about 3 or 4 seats in each row are reserved. The entire cinema has great sightlines so even without a reservation, you’ll always have plenty of great choice over where to sit.

Here's the seating plan.

Click to embiggen

The rows and seats aren't numbered, so you get to choose how specific to be. You can pick a zone and leave it up to us, or you can pick a zone, a row, a seat, a side - just please don't tell us which arm-rest plaque you want to be at cos this is just silly extra hassle for our team.

It is first come, first served, but if you have specific access or mobility requirements then please do let me know so we can take excellent care of you.

Filmhouse 1 Seating Plan

There are no simultaneous screenings which means that Passholders get to see every single film and event.

There are no hidden extras - once you have your Pass, you're guaranteed entry to the entire festival.

Individual tickets for all films will be on sale soon. They're sold at regular Filmhouse prices. We'll give you plenty of notice here, through our mailing list and social media when that'll be.

We do advise that if you're planning on seeing at least half a dozen films over the four days of Dead by Dawn then a Pass is definitely the way to go!

Dead by Dawn is an over 18s event.

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