Viral Viewing

Here at Dead by Dawn we believe film demands and deserves not just the big screen but that unique, precious atmosphere of a shared experience, of being in the room with people who love what you love and that glorious joy of gathering before and after in the bar in the comforting knowledge that you’ve found your tribe.

As it’s going to be a wee while until we can indulge again, we wanted to offer up a treat. And ask you a favour...


Like all film festivals. Dead by Dawn relies on you, its beautiful, amazing loyal audience but we also need your help to ensure the festival’s survival and that means bringing us some fresh meat. I mean fresh blood. I mean nice new people who need Dead by Dawn in their lives

We’ve gathered together a whole host of short films from our 27 years which are out there and just itching to be (re)discovered and shared.

Each day of our original dates we’ll add a handful of short films to this page and then we’ll add more each Thursday until sometime around Hallowe’en.

As Hitchhiker’s has it, Share And Enjoy! Watch these films and please share them widely – not just to people who already love the fest but to people who will see what they’re missing and come join us later in the year. It really is in your hands to secure the future of Dead by Dawn.

I’m champing at the bit to share our 2020 line-up with you, and I hope this weekly reminder of incredible films will help tide you all over in style until we can gather in November, grab a cold beer and settle in for a swathe of new treasures.


As well as shorts from our main line-up, we’ve also included films from both 2D & Deranged and What You Make It.

Animation can so often do what live action can not, go where live action would fear to tread and generate unforgettable images and perspectives which live action would find impossible without adjusting the laws of physics!

What You Make It is my way of getting to screen films which are absolutely not horror films but which I know will appeal to a horror audience – maybe they have a particularly dark sense of humour, maybe they’re apocalyptically bleak, maybe they’re just downright deliciously wrong.