Coronavirus Update Sept 2020

11 September 2020

Hello lovely people

I know how much you’ve all been looking forward to November – we have too.

I know from your mails you’re excited about Filmhouse being open again – we are too.

Even with new social distancing rules in place, though, they’re having to operate at a much reduced capacity and that impacts us in a big way.

We’re all still at the mercy of a pandemic.

Filmhouse’s reduced capacity affects both the auditorium and the bar, which in turn affects how many films we can show you. Travel restrictions will impact loyal Dead by Dawn fans all over the globe as will regional lockdowns all over the UK and then there’s the ongoing and unpredictable game of quarantine roulette where the rules can change in a heartbeat. All of this means the only sane and safe option is to agree with Filmhouse’s request to cancel the November festival and return in our usual slot in Spring.

Our new dates are April 22 – 25, 2021.

We’re optimistic about that but also realistic that November would have brought its own complications as we head into Winter and without a vaccine, an indoor gathering like ours simply isn’t safe.

We want everyone to be safe.

A festival isn’t just a series of screenings – it’s the amazing opportunity to gather with other fans who love what you love, share the fun, the atmosphere, the utterly unique experience and memories of a live event.

A festival is a shared live experience.

Horror fans are a community and we celebrate that by sharing films is in a cinema with superb projection and sound, cold beer, excellent music, company and chat.

We want that for you and for ourselves and we know it sucks that we have to wait a bit longer.

As Dead by Dawn 2020 is now a cancelled event, all Passes are going to be refunded.

Filmhouse will take care of this, you don’t have to do anything.

If you paid online or over the phone, the refund can be processed immediately and will reappear in your account in 5 working days.

If you paid cash or via Chip & Pin, box office will be in touch with you directly to arrange a refund by other means.

Passes for Dead by Dawn 2021 will go on sale nearer the time – we’ll update our site, our social and our mailing list in the new year.

As sad as we are to have to cancel the November festival, we cannot wait to see you in person in April!